What Uviseme offers

UVISEME offers college and career advice to teens in middle and high school, young adults in college, recent graduates, and their families as they journey through the college admissions and career selection process. We assist families in developing a college list that maximizes admissibility and scholarships. Formal career testing is also available to help students identify best fit college majors and potential career pathways. Families may also book hourly consults for customized support and guidance.

Career Testing

Give your teen or young adult direction through career testing. Help your student:

  • Pick career-relevant courses in middle/high school (making school more fun).
  • Select a college major (avoiding wasted tuition dollars from switching repeatedly).
  • Guide them in selecting suitable work experiences (i.e. part time job, volunteering).

We use reputable tools for career testing. Norms are established by gender and age. We believe it is essential to look for overlap in the following areas: interests, aptitudes, and values. Objectively reviewing this intersection of attributes better equips teens and young adults to make decisions about their career and college.

Is your youth-focused organization (i.e. private school, home school cooperative, church youth group, athletic team, etc.) interested in offering career testing to its members at a discount? Email us at for more information.

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College Advising

Students and their families can meet with an advisor in person or virtually to determine actionable steps as they navigate the college selection and admissions process. We believe in streamlining what can be a very complicated process. Students can take advantage of the following services:

  • Recommendations for course selection and career exploration activities as early as middle school.
  • Identifying extracurricular and service activities to build the expanded resume for the college admissions process.
  • Guidance in summarizing and showcasing your student’s strengths.
  • Mapping out an optimal testing timeline for college admissions exams
  • A list of recommended colleges (based on an in-depth student interview)
  • Help with brainstorming admission essay topics.
  • Essay plus application review.
  • Mock interviews (for admissions, scholarship, or employment)
  • Assistance in developing strategies for finding money for college
    (i.e. scholarships, financial aid, etc.)

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Parents and their teen can also join us for interactive and informative seminars on
topics related to preparing for college, writing admission essays, and finding

The following programs are currently available:

  • College Edge: Preparing Your Teen for College (middle or early high school
  •  Essay Edge: How to Write College Admission Essays
  • Scholarship Edge: How to Win Money for College
    Tailored or custom speeches may also be requested for delivery nationwide.
    Contact us at for details about upcoming events or to discuss your organization’s speaking interests and needs.

Benefits of the UVISEME Approach

Knowledgeable. Our staff regularly visits colleges and universities across the nation to fully understand what they are seeking in their applicants and to keep up-to-date on changing admissions requirements. Click here to see a partial list of colleges we’ve visited.

Lessen stress. By beginning as early as ninth grade, our families are able to lessen stress by breaking down what can be a complicated and confusing process into smaller pieces over a longer period of time. This is essential for students with a rigorous academic schedule and/or with a number of extracurricular commitments.

Finish college applications early. Starting the admissions process early also allows students an opportunity to enjoy more of their final year in high school and at home. It’s not uncommon for our students to complete their admissions applications by September of their senior year in high school!

More confidence. Ultimately, students finish our process with greater confidence in what they have to offer and how to communicate that to others.

Our Philosophy for College Selection
We believe there are a number of colleges and universities across the nation with strong programs. Our recommendations are driven by student needs and/or preferences. We ask families to be open to this approach and carefully examine the institutions on their customized college list.